Understanding The Psychological And Emotional Effects Of Pest Infestation

Pests are unsightly creatures, and your five senses are affected when there is an infestation! From detecting foul odours to feeling a cockroach crawling on your skin to hearing rats scurrying overhead, the very real and long-term psychological effects of an infestation can result in nightmares or a general aversion to entering a room where you once saw pests. 

Hamma Pest Solutions examines the emotional and psychological repercussions of pest infestations in your home or workplace and why pest control in Cabarita Beach is vital for its residents’ health and well-being.


Phobias are persistent, unreasonable fears of a certain person, location or thing that impairs one’s day-to-day functioning. Because of the intense fear that is caused by this psychological phenomenon, people with a pest fear can respond negatively even when they think about a pest being in the same room as them.  

Pest fears manifest themselves as the following symptoms:

  • Uncontrollable anxiety & panic attacks
  • Unbearable dread
  • Avoidance of places with previously negative experiences

Know your phobias:

  • Musophobia: the fear of rodents
  • Katsaridaphobia: the fear of cockroaches
  • Arachnophobia: the fear of spiders
  • Myrmecophobia: the fear of ants
  • Apiphobia: the fear of bees
  • Entomophobia: the fear of all insects

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Occupants who have experienced a pest infestation may develop OCD symptoms as a phobia develops. This syndrome causes intrusive ideas and impulses to enter a person’s mind, most of which are related to hearing or seeing pests. In order to conquer these intrusive thoughts, patients will engage in repeated or compulsive behaviours such as constantly cleaning their surroundings or themselves.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD)

PTSD is a severe anxiety condition that occurs as a consequence of a traumatic incident. This condition often develops after a lengthy or recurring stressful experience, and symptoms may not appear until years later. Unpleasant encounters with pests such as being swarmed or attacked or having your home overrun by an infestation have a strong possibility of developing into PTSD.

PTSD symptoms can manifest themselves as:

  • Nagging, recurring memories, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts or nightmares
  • Emotional distress such as depression, fury or humiliation
  • Negative and destructive thought patterns
  • Trouble concentrating and memory loss
  • Self-destructive behavioural patterns and substance abuse
  • Avoidance of external reminders

It is important to fully understand the severity of how pest infestation can affect us, not only physically in the form of injury or attack or physical property damage but emotionally and mentally as well. 

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