Top Tips For Pest Control For Ants Tweed Heads

Ants can be a major cause of stress in the home. At Hamma Pest Solutions, we know that coming home to a countertop covered in an army of ants or discovering a trail of ants along your walls and windowsills can be an instant headache for many of us! Effective pest control for ants in Tweed Heads and the surrounding areas is essential not only because they are unsightly, but ants can cause structural damage to your home or become a health hazard by getting into your food!

How to Avoid and Manage Ant Infestations

  • Keep regular cleaning habits.

Wiping up spills and crumbs from your floors and surfaces is the first step in keeping ants away. Keeping your sinks clear of food debris after doing the dishes is important, too, as ants are attracted to both food and moisture. Be sure to wash away any food or drink containers before throwing them in the bin or recycling.

  • Keep food sealed and packed away.

Don’t make a habit of leaving food out in the open. Pack away leftovers as soon as possible after eating and make sure food is stored in airtight containers. This also applies to pet food. Try not to leave uneaten pet food out all day – clear the dishes when your pet is not eating.

  • Keep your home free of ant attractors.

Certain landscaping and home components create ideal nesting areas for ants and will attract them to your home. If you are struggling with ants, you may want to avoid/remove certain plants like ornamental fruit trees or shrubs. Keep such plants, mulch, firewood, bricks and leaf litter at least 30cm from your home and foundations to avoid attracting ants and other unwanted pests.

  • Regular home inspections by pest management experts

Prevention is better than cure. A team of professionals in pest control will know the signs of ant infestations the average person may never notice. Regular inspections can prevent and manage ants and other household pests and prevent them from having the chance to become a major nuisance.

Hamma Pest Solutions are a local team of experts in pest control for ants in Tweed Heads and surrounding areas. Hamma Pest Solutions is fully licensed and insured to provide pest management to your property. If you are concerned about pests in your home, call in the best in the business. Contact Hamma Pest Solutions for fast, efficient service at 0401 660 175 or email us for your convenience.

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