The Natural Pest Control Debate

In recent years, there has been a big push towards more natural, organic products, from food to cleaning products and even pest control in Bogangar. Homeowners want solutions that are quick, convenient and less harmful, but unfortunately, natural pest control products may not meet all of these requirements.

While there are major advancements and more to come in the future, natural and organic pest control products are not as efficient as you may hope.

Here are just some of the reasons you should reconsider using them.

Inadequate Mixtures 

Before purchasing large amounts of organic pest control because it sounds like the better option and less toxic, read through the ingredient list. Consumers may find that many of these types of products are similar to old home remedies that our parents and grandparents swore by. But using vinegar, bleach, essential oils and other ordinary items will most likely prove inadequate and a waste of time.  

Insufficient Coverage 

From the use of ordinary chemicals to poor-quality mixtures, natural pest control solutions usually provide insufficient coverage. Professional pest companies will always provide you with an assurance that after spraying your property, you will be pest free for a specific period of time. With these organic-type products, brands are more vague and ambiguous while encouraging buyers to continue using them frequently.

Inaccurate Claims 

Many natural products claim to work quickly and usually draw homeowners in, but this can be inaccurate in many cases. Additionally, most pest control companies have come a long way and work efficiently these days. Previously, you would need to move your entire family out for a week or more in order for us to work. Now you can go about your day as soon as we have completed spraying.

Although your concerns for more environmentally-friendly options and less toxic products are important, choosing to use natural pest control solutions will lead to money and time wasted.

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