Termite Baiting For Pest Control In Banora Point

The climate conditions in Banora Point means that pest control will be part of your regular home maintenance regime.  Termites, in particular, thrive in this environment, and these hungry pests are constantly looking for food ‒ and that includes your home.

Effective treatment for these pests can be achieved by installing baiting stations designed to protect your home from these destructive invaders by eliminating them from around your property.

Read on to learn more about termite baiting technology that can save your home from expensive damage.

What Is Termite Baiting?

Termite baiting consists of discrete baiting stations installed around your home. These stations are designed to intercept foraging termites with an irresistible substance (the bait) that is consumed from the station. The termites then carry and share the active ingredient into their colony. This bait is then responsible for colony elimination.

What To Expect From A Baiting Station Installation

Your pest control professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. They will identify any issues or conducive conditions to termite attack then install bait stations around your home. For maximum impact, they will be spaced approximately three metres apart. Routine checks will be carried out, at intervals depending on the level of activity, on-site risk factors and the type of system that has been installed.

Are Termite Baiting Systems Safe?

Termite baiting stations are installed in the ground, and each station has a secure cap locked into place. The advanced formulation of the active ingredient has been rigorously tested and is harmless to humans, pets and other wildlife. It is specifically designed only to affect insects with exoskeletons and target termites in particular. So overall, baiting stations are a lot safer than spraying pesticides.

Baiting stations are a safe, effective and practical termite control method to protect your home from unwanted and expensive termite infestations.

For more information on termite inspections and termite baiting systems to suit your situation, contact the professionals at Hamma Pest Solutions today. We offer reliable, local, professional and affordable pest control solutions in Banora Point.