Signs It Is Time To Call For Pest Control In Casuarina

Finding pests in your home can send shivers down your spine – nobody wants to share their home with uninvited creepy crawlies or critters! How can you tell if you need to call in reinforcements? Hamma Pest Solutions is happy to share some signs which indicate that you need pest control in Casuarina.


If you start to hear any strange noises, such as something inside the walls or the ceiling, it may be time to call in pest control. A variety of noises, including scratching, clicking or strange thuds can be caused by pests.

Timber Damage

Take regular walks around your home to look for any timber damage or blistered paint to skirting boards, window frames, architraves etc. Weak or hollowed-out timber can be a sign of termites.

Live Bugs when you get up in the night for a glass of water.

When pests move in, you may not notice them at first. Live bugs could be active at night or living out of sight in the walls or other hiding spots. You are more likely to find live bugs having a party in your home in the middle of the night when it’s quiet. Call in pest control at the first sign of bugs around your home.


Where there are pests, there are pest droppings. These droppings will obviously differ depending on the types of pest in your home, ranging in colour, size and texture. It’s time to call in pest control when you find even a single dropping.

Signs Of Nesting

Once a pest gets comfortable, it will start building a nest and breeding. Signs of a nest are definitely cause to call pest control. Pests will make nests out of whatever they have available in discreet places such as under floorboards and between the walls and roof voids.

Strange Odours

Pest droppings and urine can cause foul smells in your home. If you notice any unusual smells, it could be a sign of an infestation.

Do You Need Pest Control In Casuarina? Call Hamma Pest Solutions 

If you have noticed signs of pests in your home, there is no time to lose. Hamma Pest Solutions is a local, family-owned and operated pest control company. For the best pest control in Casuarina, give us a call. If you are ready to get in touch or would like a free quote, don’t hesitate to contact us!