If you are purchasing a new home, congratulations on your two big achievements: One is finding your dream home and the second is discovering Hamma Pest Solutions. A pre-purchase pest inspection is an absolute must for any prospective new homeowner, and that’s exactly what we do. Before signing on that dotted line, all aspects of your new home must be checked to your satisfaction, and that includes the possibility of pests. You need to know that the house you intend to buy is free from termites. We will conduct a thorough pre-purchase building inspection to give you the answers you need.

Termite Tracking Technology

Hamma Pest Control Solutions uses a sophisticated thermal camera for pre-purchase home inspections. With this accurate technology, we can supply you with a detailed report and photos from each house inspection, showing any termite activity or past or present termite damage. Our expert team will advise you about whether your building is termite-free and the best treatment recommendations and termite protection.

Why You Need A Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Save on damage and unwanted costs in the long run by doing a pre-purchase termite inspection at your new house. By receiving a detailed report on termite activity from Hamma Pest, you can take necessary action to protect your home and put your mind at ease. It is also recommended that a termite inspection be carried out at least every 12 months after your purchase.


Latest Technology

There is no guesswork with our inspections. Hamma uses the latest thermal camera technology for reliable results and detailed reports on termite activity in any home.

A Team That Cares

At Hamma Pest Control Solutions, you will find a team that actually cares about your future and will give you trusted advice about your pre-purchase.

Family Owned And Local

Choose a pest control company that is invested in our local community. As a family-owned business, we know the area and we are passionate about serving our neighbours.

High-Quality Service

Expect nothing less than premium quality customer service with Hamma Pest. We provide you with detailed reports, pictures and advice about your new house, helping you make informed decisions.

Buying a house? Wait! Get a pre-purchase building inspection from the pest control experts. Our results are accurate and reliable because we care about your future home.