Pest Control Principles In Terranora

The Australian climate lends itself to the proliferation of various pests that can infiltrate our homes and properties. Pest control in Terranora adhere to the latest principles of pest control when they formulate the ideal plan to resolve your pest issues.

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Armed with their expert knowledge of the behaviour and habitats of all manner of likely invaders, pest control professionals will be able to pinpoint the susceptibility of your home and property to certain types of pests.  Regular inspections provide the opportunity to evaluate your situation and suggest pest control prevention methods in the first instance.


In certain situations, the complete elimination of pests is not possible. For example, buildings near natural or wildlife areas are more likely to face an ongoing bombardment from a range of pests. The idea is that prevention and suppression solutions work together to restrict the population of pests from building up to unacceptable levels where they can be a nuisance or even worse damage your home.


Eradication is an attainable goal in indoor pest control applications. For example, in homes, offices, food preparation areas and health care facilities where pests cannot be allowed. There are approved pest control solutions that can completely eradicate pests in these controlled areas.

Safety First

Chemicals and other products used in pest control solutions have been subjected to stringent testing to ensure that they are entirely safe for humans, pets and the environment. As these products are used in a myriad of applications, their safety is must for use in childcare facilities, schools, health care facilities, food production areas and your home and property.

Your professional pest control management team is well-positioned to develop an integrated strategy incorporating all the basic principles to devise the best solution for your situation.

For more information on the full range of pest control solutions offered in Terranora, contact Mark at Hamma Pest Solutions today. With over twenty years of local industry experience and up to date technologies, we are fully licensed and insured to provide the best pest and termite management systems for your property.