Optimise Your Home’s Termite Resilience

Termite treatments in Kingscliff are crucial for providing homeowners with a long-lasting solution to these pests. Infestations can quickly grow exponentially, plaguing your home and eating away at your hard-earned money.

We take an insightful look at what our services entail and what you can expect.

Dealing With Termites

Termites are small, opaque, and seemingly harmless insects. But they are often the most devastating pests that can enter your home. What’s worse, termites are excellent at remaining undetected, which means your home can easily fall victim to their wrath before you even realise you have a problem.

Effective Natural Treatment

Natural pest control solutions are prominent as environmental conservation takes full swing in today’s society. If you have never used natural pest control remedies before, you may question the effectiveness of the treatment, but our customers are always pleasantly surprised by the results.

Natural pest control can be just as effective as chemical solutions but far kinder to the environment. So, if ridding your home of termites is just as important as your role in preserving the environment, then our natural pest control solutions are for you!

Post-Treatment Care

Before the treatment process begins, your pest control technician will carry out an inspection and discuss the various things around your property that may be encouraging infestation. Let’s discuss a few things you can do around your property to deter termites for good:

  • Remove excess moisture. Ensure all rain gutters are working properly and diverting water away from your home. In addition, if water is pooling around your property, ground levelling can assist in water runoff to mitigate excess moisture.
  • Keep trees & shrubs trimmed away from the house. Keep soil & mulch levels and shrubs clear of weep holes as this is an easy way termites can enter your home undetected.
  • Remove rotting wood. Fence poles, tree stumps, and firewood stored against the exterior of your home will attract termites and encourage an infestation.

Along with the information in this blog, make sure to ask questions before and after termite treatment in Kingscliff. We are happy to provide our expertise and industry knowledge to ensure your home is well protected for years to come. Get in touch with us at Hamma Pest Solutions today.