Is it safe to have pest control done to my house with Children & Pets?

Yes, we only use chemicals which are safe and used in child care centres, schools, hospitals, food production areas. Safety to you, your children & pets is very important to us. It is a personal choice but if people are concerned or pregnant, have asthma, allergies, sensitivity to sprays it is a good idea to go out for an hour or two. We recommend that children and pets stay clear of the treated areas until the product has dried which usually takes around 30 minutes. It is a good idea to bring pets inside whilst the outside is being sprayed and any food or water bowls removed. When it is time to treat the inside areas pets are then put outside. Please speak to the technician with any concerns prior to treatment.

Do you offer Warranties on your Pest Control treatments?

Yes, we offer warranties on all pest control treatments, these will vary on services provided.

How often should I have a Termite Inspection or Pest Control?

It is recommended that a Termite Inspection & Pest Control be carried out at least every 12 months. Although properties under high pest pressure may need an inspection or treatment more regularly.

My house is made of Hardwood does this mean termites won’t eat my house?

No, this is in fact incorrect. Termites will prefer to eat softer timbers as it’s easier to digest, although they will also eat hardwood. Three of the main species of termites we regularly deal with are Coptotermes spp, Schedorhinotermes spp & Nasutitermes spp which all eat hardwood timbers.

If I have black ants does this mean I don’t have termites?

This is a bit of a myth. Termites travel in mud tubes which black ants cannot get into. If the mud tubes are broken open, black ants will go in and attack the termites. Although then the termites re-pack the mud tubes to prevent further entry.