DIY Vs Professional Pest Control In Pottsville – What Is The Difference?

When it comes to domestic pests, there are a variety of choices for pest management solutions available. There is a large market for people who DIY. But when it comes to pest control in Pottsville, is do-it-yourself pest control a good idea? Should you rather call in the professionals? What’s the difference between these two?

It all depends on what kind of pest situation you are dealing with. When deciding between the DIY route or professional pest treatment, here are some things to keep in mind.

Size Of Infestation

No matter the size, any type of infestation is a significant cause for concern. But while deciding how to tackle it, first evaluate the extent of the infestation. If you find a few wayward wasps or ambling ants in your house, a DIY defence strategy will most likely suffice. Store-bought insecticides and traps are all viable options for dealing with this sort of problem. They should be effective as long as they are implemented correctly.

However, these approaches often address the problem at surface level rather than the root cause. This means that even if your DIY treatment works temporarily, you may still have a recurring pest problem in future. If the insects return, take it as a sign to bring in a professional to combat your pest problem at its source.

Cost Comparison

Cost is among the most important elements influencing DIY versus professional pest control. DIY solutions may cost less than professional services, but they will actually cost you more in the long term.

Most homeowners do not address a pest issue until they notice it, and by then, the infestation is generally well developed, and most of the damage has already been done. This might end up costing far more in terms of damage control and corrective treatments than professional pest control would. Therefore, while professional services might be more costly at first, their expertise will save you thousands over time.

Product Safety

Using store-bought chemicals that contain toxins that may endanger your family and pets’ lives.

A professional service eliminates the homeowner’s risk, owing to years, even decades of experience in the industry. There are also green pest control methods available that are safe for humans and man’s best friend.


DIY product guarantees may differ based on the retailer or manufacturer. As mentioned, while they might be an effective short-term solution, they often don’t address the root of the infestation.

Most pest control companies offer a service guarantee as they are committed to eliminating your pests for good. They may offer to return between scheduled appointments if signs of infestation are spotted, and provide valuable advice on long-term prevention methods for your property.

STOP It’s Hamma Time!

Although we do not dismiss the efficacy of DIY pest control products, in our 20 years of experience, we find that it is usually just a temporary solution until the experts get there. Professional pest control in Pottsville and surrounding suburbs is the most effective long-term solution in terms of long-term cost, safety and professional service guarantee. If you want to test that theory out for yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.