Avoid Termite Attacks With Regular Termite Inspections In Tweed Heads

According to statistics, structural damage caused by termite infestations are on the rise all over Australia. Termites are known to cause huge structural damage to your home. In fact, according to leading sources, termites are able to ravage the wooden wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months of construction. Our team at Hamma Pest Solutions recommends the following tips, including regular termite inspections in Tweed Heads, to help prevent the disastrous (and costly) destruction termites are famous for.

How to Avoid Termite Infestations

  • Avoid water and humidity.

Termites (like many pests) love and thrive in a humid environment. Be sure to direct water away from your home with gutters, downpipes and other protective measures. Be sure to regularly check for leaks and repair them as soon as possible when they occur. This will not only protect your home from termites but also protect it from water damage.

  • Keep an eye on sources of termite food.

Termites love munching on any form of cellulose, especially non-living wood. It’s important to keep an eye on and maintain any wooden components to your home, including foundation, fascia, door and window frames, firewood and mulch. Check these regularly for signs of termites like mud holes, bubbling paint or cracks. If you come across anything suspicious, tap on the affected area – if it sounds hollow, you may have a termite infestation.

  • Have your home inspected regularly.

Waiting for signs of a full-blown termite infestation is a huge mistake. By that time, the pests would have had the opportunity to cause major damage to your home. Regular inspections by a professional who knows exactly what to look for is the best way to avoid the massive costs involved in repairing the devastating results of a termite infestation.

Hamma Pest Solutions are experts in termite inspections in Tweed Heads and surrounding areas. We use the most effective techniques to carry out inspections and supply our clients with a detailed report covering our findings and recommendations for your peace of mind. If you are concerned about pests in your home, call in the best in the business. Contact Hamma Pest Solutions for fast, efficient service at 0401 660 175 or email us for your convenience.